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Old 2011-12-29, 17:53
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Collaborators Needed - Do you RAP or Sing and write lyrics?

2012 marks the start of The Gino Projekt movement towards recording and producing their debut EP. We're looking for collaborators on these songs particularly lyrics and vocals. If you'd like to be contribute lyrics and / or vocals for these track please let me know. Contact me at

All collaborators will receive full credit for their work within the song (s)

The Hipster Movement

On this track we're looking for two thing. (1) The verse is going to be psuedo narrated by a "hipster" walking through the streets on his way to a club or something. Just telling a story. Not sure of the story just yet. But that's where you can come in.

(2). The chorus bits we're hoping to have a chill rap... something smooth.. and if you want to help with that part as well. Please feel free to contact me. Looking for "a hook phrase" pertaining to hipsters.

Feel free to download the song and record any ideas you have and send it back to me.

Makes Them Beautiful

On this track we're looking for lyrics and smooth female vocals. We're open to any ideas and concepts so please feel free to contact me with lyrical ideas or feel free to download the song and record a demo track

Thanks for listening!!

Clayton Lewis
The Procrastinating Musician

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