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Originally Posted by Biometric View Post
Greetings, fellow Reason / Record / Balance users.

I have the following problem: My balance audio interface is very quiet. I have a late 2009 iMac and Balance's headphone output only manages about a quarter of what the built-in audio card can deliver in volume.

If I may quote:

Powerful headphone amplifier No headphones are too tough for Balance's powerful headphone amp, ensuring earshattering volumes with even the quietest of headphones.

What's going on here?
Hi there,

Having read a few reviews on Amazon and Sound On Sound, the general consensus is that the headphone level can be quiet even when on max....which is a shame cos I have some DT770 250ohm cans on order and have just acquired Balance myself. I'll let you know how I get on with the Beyer headphones when they arrive although my output goes through a separate amp so if the direct output on Balance is poor I'll use the phone socket on the amp instead.

I will say that I'm currently using a cheap pair of Philips headphones with tiny impedence (8 ohms I think) and although they sound crap, the volume is very good on Balance. I imagine the 250ohms impedance on the Beyers will reduce the sound level and maybe that is the problem you are experiencing....too much resistance.


Edit: I see that you've sorted it anyway - It always pays to read the full conversation, lol! Glad you've got it under control.

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