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G4 Mac Tower??

Hi friendly forum folk!

I've always been a PC kinda guy but just been offered a G4 mac Tower for free. I plan to run Reason 6 on it - anyone aware of any issues with this bit of tin? Should I be going for a particular OS - really have no Idea on Macs!!

Also, can I just download R6 and use the web activation to make it run? I appear to have lost the ignition key!

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Reason 6 requires an Intel Mac as Apple dropped support for PPC
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That is a REALLY old Mac, think of a Pentium 3 processor in the PC world and that is about where a G4 will be. The latest version of Reason that will work on that machine will be Reason 4 AND it will probably not run the best.
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I threw a G4 iMac in the trash when I moved last year

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