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Old 2007-10-20, 17:43
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Sequencer Pattern Lanes and Edit modes

Sequencer Pattern Lanes
How about adding the pattern sequencing abilities of Reason directly into the main sequencer? Allow Pattern Lanes to contain up to 64 patterns with device automation and note info as the sequencer does at the moment. This dispenses with the need to upgrade Redrum or the Matrix as the loop can be as complex or as long as you like. And make sure Pattern Changes can be recorded and mapped to MIDI as the Redrum and Matrix can at the moment.

If you wanted to go a bit further you could allow each lane to have its own free running tempo, with an option to sync to song master tempo.

Improvements to Key Edit mode: Matrix mode
I'd like it if there was an option to put the sequencer edit mode into a 'Matrix Edit Mode'.

1. Defaults to monophonic note input but can be switched to polyphonic
2. Focuses the sequencer edit window on a 32 step long section.
3. Focuses on a one or two octaves with buttons to skip up and down an octave at a time (with C always in a fixed position – at the moment the sequencer just scrolls)
4. Select Last Step – sequence will loop within the clip length
5. Adjust Resolution
6. Add ReGroove shuffle directly from the editor.

Improvements to Drum Edit mode: Redrum mode
And I guess a Redrum editor for drums would also be good:

1. Switchable velocity levels via key combinations as per Redrum pattern editing
2. Flam control
3. As for the Matrix mode: ReGroove, Resolution, Last Step
4. Possibly even the Drum Select function would be useful for detailed editing for a single drum channel
5. And add Global Accent!

You should be able to use alt-click and cmd-click to create different velocity levels in the Drum Edit mode in the same way you can when programming Redrum. Cubase has been able to do this since year dot, and it's more useful for accent-style drum programming than just being able to adjust the velocity curves manually. As it stands you may as well program drums in Key Edit mode, there's nothing that makes Drum Edit more suited to drums than Key Edit.

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