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Old 2007-10-05, 22:59
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Playing live with metronome/click??? Reason 4.0

When I play live with Reason 4.0, I simply cut the piano track from the fully recorded session I have pulled up; and then play the piano live through my interface. I do vocals live to.
My problem is on songs where the track starts out with just piano and vocals, and the beat comes in half way trough.
How am I supposed to start playing the song to where the rest of the song comes in with me half way, and be on tempo?
The only obvious answer is to play with a metronome/click.

The only way I can figure this, is to lay a click down on the actual track; but I don?t want the click to be audible to the audience. Does anyone know a way to play with a click going directly into a headphones output? That way I can play along with the click from the beginning of the song and then ill be perfectly on time with the rest of the reason session as the beat comes in.

I'm using an M-Audio FW410 Interface
I also have Pro-Tools M-Powered.
And of course Reason 4.0


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