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Old 2007-10-22, 14:10
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Reason based live show, VR, streaming audio and video!

Fellow Reason Enthusiasts,
Hey. Jason here from the band robots.txt. This is a shameless promotional post for my band, but I really think we are doing something unique and interesting.

We use Reason to generate most of the tracks, along with an Access Virus TI, some various effects and a turntable for added organic randomness. Mostly we use the vinyl for spoken word recordings and added ambience from hippy space jams and other odds and ends, generally no beats come from the turntables, in other words, this is NOT Live PA and we are NOT DJ's, this is live original electronic music.

We will be playing a live techno show broadcasting audio and video and performing in the virtual realty world of Second Life where I own about 1500 sq. meters of imaginary land! He he. Anyway, unlike any of the big name artists that have been trying to use Second Life for live shows, we are playing our own avatars and actually take the time to interact with the audience while we play.

This upcoming full moon is our annual Halloween show, so if you don't have a Second Life avatar, now it the time to sign up! The audience will be colorful and savvy, the chat flows fast and deep and the natives are really cool about helping out newbies.

Stop in to our web site at for the details, and we hope to see you on the ether! There are a couple MP3 files linked below to give you an idea of what we sound like...


Thursday October 25th, 8:00 PM CDT(GMT-5) until Midnight

Life off the Mend (recorded during the 7/29/2007 LunaCast)

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