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Thor note to track issue quick fix

I posted a question about a week ago, didn't get a response. Read through some threads on here re: question.. "why can't the thor copy notes to track." found a whole bunch of rubbish answers, so i thought i'd pass the info that i found on this..

instead of trying to control the thor's sequencer with the RPG-8 or Matrix.. why not just automate the master volume level on it? since automation in Reason 4 is incredibly user friendly in the amazing new sequencer, why not take advantage of it, and use automation to allow the Thor to come in and out of your track as you please? i tried it out, it works great. takes no time at all to get going, very easy to stretch /shrink the note off/on point in the automation lane.. i personally think its the answer to this whole "unable to copy notes to track using Thor" issue.

just my 2 cents.

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