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Regroove Auditioner


I suggested this in the r4 beta forums but didnt hear anything.

The Regroove Auditioner would act like the "Note Repeat" function on the MPC. The only difference being is that the Regroove groove would define the beat that your live played notes would quantize to. In this system, only forward/future quantization would be possible.

This works by:
1. Select a groove in the Regroover.
2. Turn on the "Note-Repeat"/"Regroove Auditioner" button.
3. Midi Arm a particular sound device loaded with a patch to play.
4. Press Play on track. (Loop and/or set count-in as needed)
5. Press and hold a note on midi keyboard when you want the notes to play.

Lets say you loaded a groove with timings where notes fall on beats [2, 3.5, 6 ,7.5] ( -- groove quantization points)

Here if you pressed and held a note on beat 4 and didn't let go until beat 12, then you would hear a total of 4 notes. You would hear your note on:
1) beat 6
2) beat 7.5
3) beat 10 (assuming 8 count on groove)
4) beat 11.5 (assuming 8 count on groove)

You have just auditioned the groove live; without the need to record. You would now beable to 'Quickly' tryout many different groove parameters and/or notes patterns with the Regroover.

This to note/consider:
The 'Regroove Auditioner' needs the ability to set a 'Release' or note length for triggered notes. (A regroove triggered note has to end sometime!)

There needs to be a way to force a particual Regroove isle/lane to be the 'global' lane that is used with live input. Either
A) each Regroove lane can have an exclusive 'Global' button/switch where only one lane can be 'Global' at a time
B) the Regroove machine could have a 'Global Groove' lcd that can select which groove is the global groove or
C) The Regroove machine could have a permanent 'Global Groove' lane. (I think either A or B would be best; B being the best)

There needs to be the 'Note-On'/'Regroove Audition' button. This would be best accessible on the Transport bar, but could be placed on the Regroove machine since you would most likely be fiddling with the grooves when you are using the 'Auditioning' functionality.

Note: 'Auditioning' can activated at any time, but actual auditioning can only take place while the song is playing.
Note: While 'Audtioning' is active, all midi input would be effected by (quantizied to) the 'Global Groove'.
Note: Only forward/future quantization is done with 'Regroove Auditioning'. (unless the props make a time machine module =p)
Note: A groove would need to be defined to act on a certain total number of beats. So the smallests amount would be a mearsure or 4 counts if the music signature is 4/4. This may be already accounted for by the current Regroove machine.

Calculating groove quantization points.
I guess the main magic to this working is that a groove has to be able to define quatization points based on the current bpm. This would now have to take into account changing time signatures and bpm. This i think would be done by calculating the percentages of of each quatization point. This percentage would be in the range of 0.0 and 1.0. So if a groove covers 1 measure with time signature 4/4 (4 beats) and had a beat that feel on beat 1 then that quatization point would have a percent of .25. Now if the time signature or bpm changes, then it just needs to be calculated where .25 would fall at those timings.

Alot of this i think would have to be handled already within the groove files so maybe this doesn't need to be re-figured out.

Michael Graves II

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