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RPG "To Track" clarification

I know I posted b4 on how to get the RPG to track and I think I got it know. Two things I would like claification on with this post is

To get the RPG to the synth track (thor)

1 - You have to record the RGP on the RPG track - Then this gives you the ability Arp to Track on the synth - Correct? Cause this is how I finally got it working

If that is how you do it

2 - Seems to me if that is the correct way to get the RPG to track its a speed bump that slows me down.

Maybe this is in the Feature request secition (I looked could not find it though).

It would be nice to not have to record the rpg to the rgp lane first. I wish I could just right click and copy down to track, like I have always done with the matrix and synths.

Please correct me if I am wrong here - cause this record first, then copy to track really slows me down.


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