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redrum in protools?????


I am trying to record redrum onto a MIDI track within Protools.
I have set up an Aux stereo track as well as a MIDI track and i have selected the redrum from reason on my MIDI track and i have selected reason as an insert on the Aux track. I have also selected the Ozone port from the MIDI drop down window on top of the screen.
When i play my keyboard i can get a signal coming through on the MIDI track but there is no sound, yes, i have the track record enabled!
Then when i go to my reason window and select the NN19 plug-in (instead of the redrum) and i play the notes on the Keyboard it works fine there is sound coming through on the headphones
Can anyone please tell me want i have to do to get the redrum sounds into Protools. If the NN19 plug-in is working why isn't the redrum working in protools, is it not the same procedure for the two plug-ins?

Mac OS X 10.4
Protools 6.9 Reason 2.5 adapted for digi

Thanks in advance

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