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Old 2007-11-14, 11:29
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PC - activation follows mouse issue / bug report

Not really a feature suggestion but rather a bug issue.
On PC I have the activation follows mouse option (meaning I don't have to click on a window to activate it, just lazily put the mouse pointer on it)

- open two songs A & B
- start to play song A
- point at song B rack (window of song B is activated, but not raised)
- pressing space bar to start playing song B... stops song A. Same issue with other sequencer shortcuts. It seems some keyboard inputs are still locked on song A.
- pressing ctrl-W to close the rack closes song B (windows has the right song activated).

The issue disapears when clicking on the other rack.

This is not a big issue and I am probably one of the only ones to use the activation follows mouse options (bad habit I took on Unix systems), but thought pointing it out might come in useful from a programmer point of view if other / similar bugs are found.


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