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Reason + Cubase - Sharing Controller?

A quick question for those who use a MIDI controller and Reason rewired to a host DAW.

Is there a way of having both Cubase (in this case) and Reason both receiving commands from the controller?

If I start Cubase and activate the controller in there, then Reason cannot find the controller when starting it (MIDI port busy).

I was hopeing there was some application or such that would facilitate using the controller on both Cubase and Reason, perhaps not just making it work, but also knowing which application is in focus so that you don't end up playing both a piano in reason and a synth in Cubase.

Since Rewire is quite strongly advocated, I'm sure ther eis a way to make this happen?

The Controller is a USB CME UF. I just want the actual keyboard to work in both cubase and reason, and if possible not at the same time (so that I don't need to deactivate the keyboard switch in the reason sequencer when I want to input something in the Cubase sequencer and vice versa).
If it is possible, it would be awesome to just be able to click either sequencer and "focus" on it, and have the keyboard be automatically activated for the application in focus.

Anyways, does anybody have any tips?

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