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Old 2007-11-24, 16:25
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PROGRAMMER MODE for Combinator (and Thor)

Everybody, which have worked with the Combinator to control for example in Mixer 14:2-device the AUX1-Return Level knows what I mean: There is a big, very big menu, where I must scroll through. It takes me about 10 seconds to scroll through the list.

So I don't like those big menus, where to choose a single control from. I hate them, the are totaly user-unfriendly and they cost time.

So I thought for a more general concept, which is userfriendly. The more general concept of a Combinator (and Thor) is: Control X (source) is routed to control Y (destination).

So what we need is just an interface to make that.

So here is the idea:
Add two buttons to Combinator (and Thor). One Button is "Programmer Mode" the other is "Arm for program".

Pressing "Programmer Mode" displays the actual "Programming" as an "overlay graphic" for all controls. You will see just lines from the source controller to the destination controllers.

Depending on the source, the lines should have different colors.

You are able to handle all the controls as known. There is no difference in use.

This changes, when pressing "Arm for program"!

Pressing this will pop up a message anywhere like "Touch source control".

In this mode, you cannot change any value of any control, cause you are in the "Arm for program"-mode. This means, that this mode fixes all controls in combinator/thor.

Now you must touch a source control. Either with the mouse (click on the control) or via Midi, if you change the value of a source.

The display changes to "Now touch destination control(s)".

You can now click on the controls you want to route the signal. For every control a line will be drawed.

When ready you can click on "Arm for program" again.

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