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Reason vs Rewire

I have said so many times, that you just can't tell me that there isn't *anything* I can't do with Reason. I really do feel that way, and shown it, a number of different ways. But let's be real, guys, these other programs and synths have amazing capabilities, especially to "smooth" things out, even when doing more simple work. And there is some things you can't do in Reason, but that's mostly intricate sampler work, and there are ways to fake that some.

I like to work just in Reason. It's easier, I get what I want done, with impact, mostly because I've learned it well. But I Totally agree with everyone else (and I think the Prop's are included here) that Reason plus these other programs are much more powerful than just Reason alone. I like to work the way I do, with just Reason. Even if Reason had audio in I don't think it would equal the power of Reason plus using other programs, even if I don't use them much at all. Hey, maybe that's just a "yet".

Maybe that's one of the reasons I get on people's cases about the audio in thing, I don't know. But they do insist a lot they want to work only in Reason. I have a hard time arguing against that, since that is what I do. They insist that they will live in everlasting joy and happiness If Only Reason had audio in and they could then work in only One Program. I mos def see their point, but think there is a fallacy fantasy there, too. There is just too much power in other proggies and what you can do with them together.

I just wanted to let you know that even though that is what I do (work in Reason alone), for whatever reasons (mostly just coz I'm lazy), that I really don't think it's the mebbe the best way to approach all this bruhaha (uhh, music, and art, and what you do, 'n all)('n like I said, I'm pretty sure the Prop's would agree with me here).


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