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Old 2007-12-02, 05:46
mirgens mirgens is offline
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Psychedelic and Progressive Trance Kicks

Hi. Im looking for some new kickdrum samples, mainly for making psychedelic and progressive trance. I am specifically looking for the kick sounds used by artists like Rinkadink, Gataka, Protoculture, Sesto Sento, etc. In other words, Full-On Psy-Trance kicks. With alot of drive in it.

I am also looking for kicks that sounds like Atmos, Andromeda, Jaia, Son Kite, Etc., like progressive and low on filter but still with a good drive.

I have a hard time finding sample compilations with these kick sounds, i usually never use samples but kicks are really hard to make on a reason synth. So if anyone could please help me by recommending some sample cd's or dvd's i would be extremely grateful


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