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Combinator + Scripting

I love the combinator, and I think most users do. There seems, however, to be a line in the sand between Reason users. Neither type is better than the other, but they seems to use Reason very differently.

On one side, you have users that use stock patches, sample kits and I would say rarely flips the rack around. Like I said, I know a lot of users like this and it's not just limited to Reason. On the other side is users that like to experiment, wire devices in the rack in an unusual way, use devices/patches in very non traditional ways. I just happen to be on the latter side of the line.

I am going to my point, don't worry.

I think where Reason would really shine is scripting. To me, this would fit in perfectly with the concept of Reason. It gives users even more control of their signals/automation. One device I would love to see this on is the combinator.

For example... Lets say I'm creating an effect patch for the combinator. A warmth patch. I've got everything assigned, it's working great except, I want to give users a little bit more control. Lets say when button 1 is on, it limits the range that knob 1 can effect. That's just a small example of what it could be used for.

Like I was saying before, there will be a great number of Reason users that would either not use this or feel it was too complicated but for the power users out there, this would be a god send.

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