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Recycle Vocal Tempo problem

Hi guys,

After watching some videos on youtube explaining how to use Recycle to import vocals into reason, I decided to give it a go.

The problem that i've been having is that the vocal part I recorded (via rewire into Reaper) when put into ReCycle - does not come up at the same tempo. I.e it is recorded at 106bpm and when I export the WHOLE length of the song as a wav file - recycle says that the tempo is 115.xx bpm! When I imported a whole mixdown with the backing piano, recycle got the tempo perfectly.

My problem is that when I then change the tempo manually to 106bpm (or not), and then import into DrRex the vocal track plays back off sync with the song.

Both the song and the wav file are 92 bars in length at 106bpm... Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong here??

Thanks for any help!

(I'll add in here - that i'm quite new to this program)

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