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RECYCLE! -- Workflow Improvements

After an extensive session with Recycle 2.2.9 (and having beta-tested for various major software companies), I've compiled a list of suggestions for improving its workflow:

In no particular order...

? Command-left arrow and command-right arrow to zoom the horizontal view, instead of just sliders. (Having to reach for sliders is quite slow!)

? Similarly, command-up arrow and command-down arrow to zoom the vertical view, instead of just sliders.

? Many loop libraries have "suites" of loops that are based upon very similar material. For these situations, it would be great to be able to copy all parameters/settings from one loop to apply to another. This would save a *lot* of time. (From there, the user could tweak settings further, as needed.)

? Individual envelope settings per slice. Sometimes one or two slices in a loop are problematic. But tweaking the envelope for the entire loop is too restrictive.

? Store any loop length (2 bars, 4 bars) as default -- instead of the current, singular option: 1 bar.

? Option to have Preview turned on by default (stored as preference). Why must we have to click it on, every time we open a file?

? More contrast between the "enabled" and "disabled" icons for the various features. Presently it's nearly impossible to tell what's on and what's off.

? A visible button for "always start playback at beginning of loop." Since this is enabled/disabled frequently, throughout a session, we need to be able to see -- at a glance -- whether or not this feature is enabled.

? Similarly, a visible button for "scroll during playback," for the same reasons.

? It would be nice to be able to select a marker and simply use the arrow keys to nudge it left/right to the previous/next zero crossing (instead of having to click and drag).

? Finally, please have Recycle! remember our preferred window position and size, and have it always open files that way. (Essentially, remember the last window size and position.)


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