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Suggestion - "closest control" - mode

Hi all,

If this is already a feature, then sorry for suggesting this.

A way to easily control all buttons and knobs in reason, with only two inputs from a midi-controller, using one knob and one button.

1. You first choose what midi-button and what midi-knob, you want to use for this mode.

1. You then choose a specific keyboard -shortcut or midi-button to toggle this "Closest control" - mode on and off.

2. When the "closest control" - mode is then turned on, reason will show a small frame around the knob/slider or button in the rack, CLOSEST to the mouse pointer.

3. If the framed control is a "button", "toggle button", "switch" etc., then pressing the assigned midi-button, means changing the state.

4. If the framed control is a "slider", or "knob", then adjusting the assigned midi-knob, means changing the state.

Basically what all this does, is that you don't have to think about what controller knobs are assigned to what perimeters. You just need to turn on the "closest control" - mode, and then whatever control the mouse pointer is closest to, gets changed, when you turn your "master knob or master button".

Well, feedback is welcome.

Best regards,
Jesper Colding

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