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One file browser, not many

ALthough it has improved, the totally custom file browser in Reason has always been horrible compared to native file browsers that come with the system.

In particular, I can't drag and drop folders or files to it from the desktop in order to quickly get to a folder like I can with every single other piece of software in the world. If Props knows so much better than the built in browser is 'not good enough' and they have to make their own precious fancy custom browser, is it too much to ask that it at least have the same baseline functionality of the system browser?

But the thing that is bothering me today is that CMD-O and Open only opens song files and not instruments, instruments are hidden. To open instruments you have to do CMD-I instead. And you get basically the exact same browser. I am always trying to open things, patches, with CMD-O and then finding I can not, I have to close the browser, then use CMD-I or CMD-F for effect.

Proposal: Make that "Show" popup menu not be disabled all the time! Right now it is only active in 'Browse Patches' mode, where it can be used to show patches for the current instrument, or for all instruments.

Better yet, get rid of it and replace it with Icons that do the same thing. Have a "Filter" area with buttons for songs, for instrument patches, for effect patches. You can keep the CMD-I/F/O s and the difference between them will be which buttons are down when you come in. Then click on more buttons, (which can have CMD-I/F/O as shortcuts even) if you want to actually open something different without having to back out and reenter.

And while I am on the subject, it's high time we could drag and drop patches into the rack. Drag onto instrument to replace with a new patch, drag onto blank area in order to add a new device.


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