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Old 2007-12-14, 13:58
fatcat fatcat is offline
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MIDI control of sequencer's Mute/Solo buttons

Hello Props,

I use Reason for live performances. I miss very much possibility to mute/solo one of the sequencer's tracks by pressing one button on my MIDI controller. Actually I use features of mixer to do so, but it is not just the same, because this does break note decay not mentioning effects like delay and reverb , which get cut off. I want to let all notes and effects to decay naturally. Using send effects is not an option for me, because I use send outputs to route to master/monitor and it still does not solve note decay.

I'd really appreciate if also the sequencer track's controls (mute/solo/record enable) could be controlled by MIDI, not only the sequencer's general ones like play/stop/... as it is now.

Fat Cat

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