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Old 2007-12-22, 17:15
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do Brainwerx brains work? anyone have yet?

* Includes a basic introduction to Reason
* Covers drums and production programming and arrangement
* Extensive coverage of song development and arrangement
* Sequencing tutorials
* Tips on recording vocals in Reason 4
* Covers using special effects
* Instructions on how to engineer a mixdown
* Tips on mastering
* More than 50 tutorials
* Nearly three hours in length
Ok, thats taken from one of the ads online currently.....

did you notice the:

* Tips on recording vocals in Reason 4

isn't that a bit misleading?

You will never be "Recording" anything into Reason 4 except midi.

isnt it stuff like this, that will have the next 8,000 people posting here asking "yo how do i get my vocals in Reasons?"

whats wrong with leaving that statement out entirely, and only advertising what you can really do?

That being said,
i will likely buy the dvd very soon,
as i purchase EVERY book and movie (4 my apps) i can get my hands on... (i am greedy for knowledge)

Has any one received a copy yet?
and how do you like it?

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