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Mixing and Mastering effects

Reason doesn't support Vst's which is a shame cos we can't use thousands of great effects that sound great. I use rewire sometimes but often i like to do everything with reason. If we can't use VST effects with reason then we really want some highend Pro quality effects.

Propellerheads are often making devices that are very CPU friendly - which is good - anyhow Pro quality future effects can take more CPU as we are having very fast computers nowdays. Digital signal processing needs CPU - I really think that Props should take the developing to the new level.

I have a friend who is using VST's like Waves bundle and i have to admit that i would want those effects in reason. EQ and Compressors sound different, I never can't have that sound with reason effects.

So what i'd like to see is this:
At least 8 band EQ that has many different EQ modes (scream, analog, digital, soft, saturated, smooth etc.)
The sound of the EQ can really make your sound good. Also you should be able to kill some hertz's to 0.
Reason doesn't have an exciter. Multiband exciter would be nice - and it's very important to have smooth quality sound cos you don't want to use poor sounding exciter on your mix. Make a decent one with many modes and tweakable settings.
Mix saturation, distortion, tape, poly squasher, air, mix color etc. are used on mix often to add some pleasant sonics. It can humanize the sound, make it less digital and clean - we all like analog warmth. You could try to emulate some of the best hardware units.
Multiband compressor that uses some advanced technology. We all know that analog compressors sound better - they sound smoother and often they are made to keep your sound big and punchy. Dynamics are very important to me - also it's important to have as trasparent compressor as possible - a good compressor doesn't show that it has been used.

This is it, and don't get me wrong - i don't think that current m-class units suck that much but i know that there's lot of room to make even better effects and don't be shy to really put some smart science behind the future effects - our CPU's will be even faster by then.

Basically - this would make reason's m-class being perfect.


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