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Midi input help!!

Reason 4, Mac G4 OSX Tiger, m-audio card (audio-midi)

got my reason yesterday.
i have a problem with the midi input. everytime i open a new reason session, my master keyboard can play all the patches in every created instrument without any problem (i select the corresponding tracks in the sequencer like i should); midi control is also configured in a correct way.

The problem is: the tracks (all of them) don't receive any midi input anymore... after a while. Just out of the blue, or after an action that is often not even midi related. Just a minute ago, i was recording in the sequencer when all of a sudden the track stopped receiving midi, although i was still playing my midi keyboard!

When restarting the computer, and opening a new session, the midi input is back (... most of the times).

What could be the problem here?
Checked several keyboards & midi cables.

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