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Old 2008-01-12, 21:55
samprop samprop is offline
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Have you explanation for this Reason audio behaviour?

I tried to ask about this in Phead user forum, but decided to ask it again here in more public place. Sorry for this kind of double posting but I think this is better place for this.


Have you ever tried to play R4 internal demo song at 22050 sample rate. What happens to that resonant subtractor 'SUB BASS' connected to mixer ch. 7?

Can someone explain this phenomenon?

Is it typical to build the 'higher, supposed to be heard signal' to lower frequency, what can be generated in selected samplerate. It feels like anything over 22050 is still there, but is present in lower frequency in a wierd way. Higher frequencies seem really crowded and very distorted. I think this is not normal.

Maybe i did not make myself clear, but you can find out this overdriving sound yourself especially at position around 60.

Hopefully someone has some scientific explanation for this behaviour.

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