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Old 2008-01-15, 23:29
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help , rewire logic pro 8.1 and reason 4?

i run a macbook, osx 10.5.1 Leo
Logic pro 8.1, Reason 4

at first i had reason 3 but i couldnt rewire in general because i read that it didnt cover intel support yet and that 3.5 did so i just up'd to 4 , its very good and has alot more, when i start logic then reason, it does say rewire slave mode now in reason (the little light on the top , which it didnt before just stayed in audio card )

Buuutttt the problem lies in logic?

when i push play pause etc in logic, it does control reason which is good, and i followed the steps of like 3 tutorials, and it said to change the channel strip channel to rewire reason for the sound to pass to logic, BUT i dont even have that option and the channel strip is a greyish color and not the black color like the rest of the program or pictures

heres a screen or two;
and in this screen, if i click channel it only shows core audio selectable, even if i enable the other two, on restart it says tdm plug in is missing or something
but i beleive its supposed to be on core audio anyway?

i am so stumped, i really thought for once i could throw away pc recording tools and have much more potential with all these tools i never tried, and i was picking up a midi controller friday so i hope someone could walk me through it by then?

please and thanks for any help
its much needed

i also didnt know where to find this problem in other topics so i apologize

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