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Old 2008-01-16, 00:21
CIDeBOY CIDeBOY is offline
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Does Combinator receive Midi notes from keyboard?

Version 3.0 of Reason

Lets say for example I have a combinator device with three subtractors nested inside. Each one is set to receive midi notes across the entire keyboard. If I wire up a Matrix device to the combi, any sequence pattern that is played will be played through all three subtractors at the same time. This works as expected however, when I arm the sequencer track to receive midi and I try to play a few notes on my keyboard, nothing happens.

I already tested the keyboard out on the devices independently and they receive midi fine, so its not necessarily my keyboard. I do have custom remote files and I wondered if I needed to edit my combi remote maps however, when I enabled the keyboard as generic with no remote mapping I had the same results.

On final note, the combi will send pitch bend and mod wheel motion to the devices... just no note data. Of course all the rotary knobs and buttons respond as expected... just the note data. These makes me wonder if it was programmed like this?

Please help me ...

Tanx in advance

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