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Rebirth Resurection?

I don't want to bug you props with this too much, but I had this idea about Rebirth, and I wanted to share.

First of all the day that the discontinuation of Rebirth 338 was announced was a very sad day for me (except the fact that I got it for free of course

I think that the experience of Rebirth is unique. I can work the same way with anyone who had the original machines, doing the same tweaks, modifying the drum sounds the same way, even having the same limitations, problems and -therefore- beeing creative the same -or similar- way.

I may sound weird but I preferre to work with the original 909 / 808 instead of Redrum samples. Or with the real 303 instead of Subtractor or Thor. It doesn't have to do with Reason -wich is state of the art- it's just that the distinctive approach and feeling in the interface of each Rebirth device makes it more... "hands on" for me.

My idea now, is this: What if Rebirth became something equivalent to Reason except that it would imitate *ONLY* existing devices (f.e. TR-707 or 727 or SH-101 or Casio's RZ-10). I'm not reffering only to the sounds, I' m talking about virtualizing the entire feeling of each device like you did with the original first rebirth. I think there is a demand for something like that (Arturia f.e. has done this with VSTIs)

Hopefully many users should feel the same attraction about rebirth such as I do. If so please support this post.

Thanks for your time, and most of all, thanks for your applications

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