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Old 2008-02-03, 08:47
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"compatible sounds" switch for Subtractor in 4.1?

I just upgraded to Reason 4, from version 3. So far, I have been adjusting very quickly, except for one thing.

Under version 3, I have made some patches in the Combinator that produced some crazy and slightly unpredictable noises.
To accomplish this, I would take a Subtractor, with the oscillator's phase mode set to subtractive and the offset at 0. Under normal circumstances, this causes the sound to cancel itself out, only producing silence. However, I had found by chance that running this "silence" through a couple of Scream4 modules can produce some interesting and fun? if not noisy? sound effects which were surprisingly sculptable; even a sine-wave would respond to a low-pass filter being tweaked at frequencies where under normal circumstances the filter would have no effect.
Although the effect was most likely unintentional and sometimes unpredictable (even changing my computer's sampling rate caused the sounds to behave differently), I have a couple of songs in which I have been depending on this for sound effects, and so far have found no way to get a similar effect in any of the other synths.

My question is this: is there any possibility that if/when the P-heads release a 4.1 update, could they implement a switch on the Subtractor/Scream4 (I'm honestly not sure which had more to do with the effect) that switches it to a "compatible" mode similar to the switch that was added to the Mixer in version 2.1?

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