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Using Reason 4 with Pro Tools

Ok, guys here's my problem. Can someone please help me? I just got Reason 4 and trying to use it with Pro Tools. I turned on PT first and then Reason to rewire Reason as the slave.

Now what am I suppose to do next? From what I read form the other posts....sounds like I have to make an Instrument track in PT and then choose "Reason" as the Instrument in the Inputs. After I did that I went back to Reason and picked a drum patch through the Redrum. When I play my keyboard (axiom 49) I get the sounds playing and I see the levels going up in the Pro Tools track. However when I playback....I hear nothing and don't see the levels going up.

I have Reason setup so that the audio goes out through my Mbox2. Is this a problem when I'm in Rewire mode? What am I doing wrong? I also tried setting up anther audio track in PT and sent output to bus 1 on the Instrument track with Reason and then set the input in the Audio Track at Bus1 as well. Then I got audio recorded on the audio track but when I playback again no sound.

Anyone kind enough to walk me through this? I basically want to use the sounds in Reason to record in Pro Tools.

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