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Old 2008-02-12, 21:37
ancientrec ancientrec is offline
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Audio Processing in Reason, also ? about midi files and REX

1) What are the exact limits (hours:minutes:seconds)in terms of length for .wav/.aiff samples loaded into reason (in samplers, in redrum, etc.)? I want to load complete tracks into reason, process (master/filter, etc) them, and rewire that audio into Ableton Live. At the same time, I don't want to be stuck 4 or five minutes into a track because reason can not process beyond a certain length .wav/.aiff

2) what is the best way to load/use a bunch of midi-loops (synth, etc) into reason and test/audition these loops out quickly, one after the other, with as little stopping (if any) as possible?

3) Is there a way to audition and change all of the sounds in one REX file (e.g. tryin out 45 different "kits" of varied, different and sorted sounds, on one REX file)

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