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Old 2008-02-19, 12:15
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Trouble choosing rewire host / Live 7 sounds bad

Here is the deal. I am trying to find a Rewire host to use some hardware synths along with Reason (All this crap just to get a midi out / audio in ;-) ).

I have tried Ableton live 7, but observed the following:
- the sequencer in Reason 4 is way ahead of live (particularly the ReGroove)
- Reason sounds really bad when routed through Live, all the high frequencies & dynamics are changed...
- Unfortunately I tried Cubase, Live, Sonar and FL studio, Live was the only one I tried seriously as I found it the most user-friendly (that is a personal opinion)

Hence two questions:
- Is there something specific to do with live in order to get Reason to sound as clear in a standalone as through Rewire?
- Before I loose any more time trying all the other DAWs again, is there any rewire host that does NOT change the sound coming from Reason? (main criteria, if it has a nice sequencer&groove it is even better)

Meanwhile am recording my synths through audacity and playing them in an NN-XT, but that is just a pain.

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