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Old 2008-02-19, 14:11
cavunca cavunca is offline
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an extra MIDI synth or NN-XT midi patches

It would be nice if we had a feature to use standard MIDI sounds in the sound card of the computer. I mean, in NN-XT for example, I would like to select MIDI sound 1-Grand Piano and Reason would use the same sound when I process the MIDI file via Windows Media Player. It can be also an extra new synth in version 4.5 dedicated for standard MIDI sounds.

You have made already big improvement in version 4; when MIDI file is imported, Reason authomatically creates a combinator for each MIDI line with the name of the MIDI layer. That's good, but the user still needs to make proper selection of patches before starting to play and sometimes it's very difficult for us ( less experienced users / amateurs ) to find the exact patch.

In brief, I would like to hear the music right after the MIDI import process finishes. At least you can make such an improvement, when importing MIDI file and creating a combinator the mighty Reason can also make the closest patch available in the standard Factory Soundbank; like Grand Piano combinator patch when the MIDI layer is a piano, or like Snare drum subtractor patch when the MIDI includes a snare drum line.

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