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Registration Code????

This is pretty dumb. I'm sitting here with my paid for versions of Reason laying on the table in front of me and I can't install the Reason 4 upgrade I just got because I have no idea what the registration code is supposed to be.

I tried to register both my 2 and 2.5 versions using license numbers I paid for, and can't register cause I have no idea what a registration code is.

Plus, to top it off, the registration form on this site makes it look like the registration code should be optional. At least that's the way it's worded.

Where's a phone number for propellerheads support? All I have found is all kinds of forum threads that are no longer available because users deleted their accounts and some email support forum.

Where would I find a registration code? Is it on the box? In the manual? Would it have been emailed to me for some reason? Can I find it in my account settings somewhere? It's not on my license number card. This is ridiculous.

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