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Old 2008-03-01, 12:38
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Midi: CC assign to a button - Value range issues.

Let me try to give you an example of what I'm trying to do. Say I want to assign a button on my midi keyboard to control the Osc 1 Phase Mode on the Subtractor. That button on the Subtractor works like an "increase button", you know, where it's not about being on and off, but you click it to go to the next step, and it's got 3 steps. Well, I can assign my button alright, but the default value range is 0-127, which means I have to click my midi-keyboard-button 128 times to do the same job my mouse will do in 3 clicks.

Then I discovered how I can set upper and lower limits to the value range. For instance I can set it to do 3 clicks from 63-65, and then repeat. This is where the problem shows up. It seems The Osc 1 Phase Mode button in reason has some kind of preset values, where the "X" is actived by values 0-32, the "-" is activated by values 33-95, and the "O" is activated by values 96-127. How can I assign an increase button that will give for instance midi values 0, 33, and 96, so it will take only 3 clicks on my midi-keyboard to complete the circle?

I hope some of that made sense.

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