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Window management

The problem: opening several song files causes tons of Reason windows to stack up. I run Reason with the sequencer split out from the rack window, so there's two windows for every file I open. I'll go looking through some old "scraps" files for something-or-other and before you know it I've got a stack of 10 open windows. It's cluttered, and it's a pain to clean up because you have to close the *rack* window in order to close the file... closing the sequencer window just collapses it back into its parent rack.

Request #1: Clicking File--Close in either the rack or sequencer window should close the entire file (both windows). Perhaps it could be renamed to "File--Close Song" for clarity. Clicking the close button in the title bar should still behave as it does presently: on the rack, it closes the entire file (both windows); on the sequencer, it collapses the sequencer into the rack.

Request #2: A File--Close & Open selection. This is just like File--Open except that, in addition to opening the requested file, it also closes the current file. This way I can jump from file to file cleanly without having to go back and close a stack of old windows.

Props, put those two features in a 4.0.2 update and I'll love you forever!
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