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I'm confused. Is this forum just for..

people who dont know how to read the instruction manual or their midi/controllers instruction manual? it seems when there is a genuine or more complicated question that is not a no brainer (i.e. can be found via the manual or messing around/expiramenting with it a bit)it never gets answered.Why?Are there no advanced users on here cause all the idiots asking for free software and questions that can be found in the manual drove them away?It's all our fault this forum sucks. Quit answering obvious questions.Make it a requirement the manual be read thoroughly before posting or else user gets booted off for posting a "manual question" Whats the point in answering the same question 50 times cause someone is afraid/intimidated by the manual or will not search the forums (this forums search engine here is good)So enough complaining here is my genuine question again..............'Before we start i want to make clear i already scoured the forums and reasonfreaks,tried all the conventional stuff(reinstall disc,copy pattern to track/turn off enable pattern,resequencing so not on downbeat,etc.)Bought R4 and 2 of the finshed sequenced tracks from reason 3 sound/play off( i did not upgrade from 3 i uninstalled it and then installed storebought 4 as instructed).I'll explain off in detail so theres no confusion.Finished/sequenced Track #1 plays fine until i switch redrums pattern from 1 to 3 on a measure then back to 1 on the next measure.After the sequence does this half the refills play in different places(even though it is sequenced and plays fine on R3 on my friends computer)sounds like 2 refills/samples are played late, 2 are played early,mabeye one is omitted.So half are speed up and half are slowed down at different intervels from where the sequence tells them to be. On track #2 the notes are changed in the malstrom and play different from what the recorded /finished sequence tells it.any help is greatly appreciated."

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