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Needed in Version 4.5!

First of all i love Reason 4.0.1 nice work dudes! The sequencer is a killer, Thor is an atom-bomb and the "tools window" was the only way to go! There are a lot of other littel improvements that i like so much!!!!

So there is work to do for the next step (maybe 4.5), there are a lot of new effects needed, i know the combinator and i use it a lot for my own fx's! But something like the korg kaoss pad inside reason, combined with the combinator will bee a "hydrogen-bomb"... some audio morphing effects are needed... pitch shifter... lofi/decimator (more control as scream digital)... looper...

Reason 4.5 should send out midi clock signal... not for make reason to a DAW... Reason is wath it is (and thats good), but for some controller interfaces it is needed (MPK49) and it is not a havy task???!!!???

so thats enough for the next 6 month *smile*

go go programmer's go.... hiaaa ai ai aia... go programmer's go...

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