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Old 2008-03-31, 08:13
danktle danktle is offline
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"Load Default Sounds in New Devices" beef

It needs to be adressed (again if not previously, and I'm sure it has. It's late at -5GMT, and I'm tired...)

"Bass Guitar" on the subtractor every time I create one SUX ASS Y'ALL! And my only alternative is "Init Patch" instead of, well, any sound in a folder of my choosing. I love how it says that "this also sets the default browsing location." Well how do I set the default browsing location to whatever I want it to be?

I don't want the factory loaded defaults to come up when I create a device with this box checked in the preferences 'General' dialouge. I want MY OWN sounds to come up in each device by default. Or whatever refill or destination that I set for each device. I sort of see what's happening, but it would be nice if it just picked a sound (any sound) from my own default folder instead of making an "init patch" or selecting no sample whatsoever...

That way, I don't have to constantly navigate to another folder to get the sounds that I regularly use each time that I start a new song. And between the half-dozen or so sounds, kits, or whatever presets, the ones set by default (not a personal diss, just a taste thing here) are rather weak.

Sorry for yelling. And you are all still appreciated. And rather greatly I might add. But that's kind of bull...

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