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Old 2008-04-04, 18:40
tom119ny tom119ny is offline
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Yamaha DD-55 drum pad controller problems with redrum.

I have the Yamaha DD-55 which is a drum pad but it works as a controller as well. I hooked it up to redrum through midi. All the channels are set up correctly. The problem is only one note will play and then the next one wont play until about 2 seconds later. For example if I am hitting the snare pad on the DD-55 repeatedly only the first hit will go through to the redrum thus creating the snare sound. As I am still hitting the pad nothing is goin through. After about 2 seconds a hit will go through to the redrum and the process will repeat itself. Has anyone else experienced this? I would greatly appreciate any help. Also, if you use a drum pad controller to control redrum, which one do you use? Thanks alot.

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