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Audio Driver has stopped working

I am running Reason 4 on a MacBook (OSx), and I am using an MBox 2 for an interface.

I am trying to run Reason through the PA in my practice space using the Monitor outputs on the MBox. When I first tried playing one of our beats on Reason, it worked for a short time, then the sound cut out, and I got the error message:

"Your Audio Driver has stopped working. Go to the Audio page in the Preferences dialog and choose a different driver."

Once there, the MBox was no longer selected under "Audio Output." Instead it said "No Sound." I switched the output back to the MBox, but the same thing happened when I played the beat again.

Now today I tried it again, and it seemed to be working fine. We then went out for a smoke break, came back in, my computer had gone to screensaver, and then the same error message popped up when I went to play the file. Tried to switch the audio output back to the MBox, but it didn't work at all this time.

Is this a driver issue of some sort? I just bought the MacBook a couple of months ago.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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