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Old 2008-04-15, 20:28
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Virtual Multi CV out , Gate out, Control Board

A Simple Control Board

The basic idea is to have all important knobs and controls in one panel so that the live performance with Reason is made to be simple.

Reason has hundreds of knobs while making a good track. Live performance with Reason is still how ever hard because the user has to float around the reason rack to find a knob to be adjusted.

I'd need a virtual control board panel with at least 32 adjustable knobs just like in the combinator and with multible CV, GATE out. Hopefully a large control logig.

This control board would not gather machines inside of it like combinator, it would be used to control external machines.

This Control Board could be completely adjusted to receive all types of midi information and signals from any midikeyboard and user could basically determine what knob or button is controlled by midi. The control board signal wires would then determine what feature is controlled from the machines.

The problem mostly is that M-Audio 49 and others does simply not go along well with Reason because Reason simply does not understand the knob twists.

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