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Old 2008-04-18, 19:11
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Indication when a drum lane or automation lane unused

This one I would tag as a "minor" inconvenience, but one that seems to keep wasting my time.

Here's my situation. I start out with a Redrum and load up a kit, which takes advantage of all the channels. From there, I create my patterns, add them to the sequencer, and work from there editing velocity, rearranging the notes if need be. Lots of editing and changes throughout the clips for the entire length of the song.

Now, inevitably I find myself in a situation where, for example, I listen to what I thought was a good drum sample, and decide it works in some spots and not in others. So I delete out the drum hits in the offending spots in the sequencer, and keep the drum hits in others. Now comes the hard part and the crux of the biscuit: I have to add in the new drum sample. Since I can't change the original drum sample, I need to find a free channel in redrum. Not an easy task.

Problem is this: there's no way for me to easily see which drum channels are in use through the entire length of the song. So I end up having to put focus on the redrum note edit lane, and scan the entire length of the song to locate a free channel with no drum hits. It would be a very simple matter if there was an indication LED or the drum lanes were highlighted if not in use, or just something to visually tell me "hey, you're not using this drum channel (even though there is a sample loaded in the channel). It's free to use"

I know there are workarounds, and like I said it's a minor problem. But it's one that drives me bonkers, and could be easily fixed by a drum lane "in use" indicator of some kind.

Same goes for any lane that is not in use, whether it be for automation, notes, or what have you. Best I've come up with so far is to zoom out so far so that you see all or the majority of the arrangement on the screen without having to scroll, and then looking to see which lanes don't contain clips. But this could be made easier.

link to my tunes

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