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Moving Mixer Channels

Ok so I put on my thinking cap this weekend and thought about a pretty easy solution for something that causes a lot of headaches. At least I think this would be pretty easy. How about moveable mixer channels. So let's say I have a mixer filled with goodies from channels 1 through 14. Then I delete goodie #6, leaving it empty. I'd rather not have an empty channel in position 6, so I just drag it on the mixer from position 6 to position 14 and all the mixer channels shift accordingly.

Or, if I've set up different sends on a chained mixer, I want to move a channel from mixer A to mixer B to take advantage of the new sends. Simple. Just drag the channel from one mixer to another. All the channel settings stay the same, the channel strip just moves from one mixer to the other.

I don't think this should cause any kind of havok. Of course all the automation and numbering that goes on in the sequencer will also have to update, but it would certainly be helpful on my end. And you wouldn't have to move around any wires or reset the aux settings.

Does this make sense?
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