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Old 2008-05-08, 19:02
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Remote Mapping: non-Delta versions of delta parameters

A non-Delta (Value?) version of these would help a lot with plain/simpler MIDI keyboards:

- Target Track
- Select Patch for Target Device
- Select Keyboard Shortcut Variation

Sure it would be limited to 128 Tracks, Patchs and so on, but its better to access to the 1st 128 than to 0 through these simpler keyboards.

Something like this would then be possible:

----------------------------- .midicodec:
Item Header Name Type Min Max
Item Data Slider value 0 127
Item Program Change value 0 127

Map Header Pattern Name Value1 Value2 Value3
Map b? 07 xx Data Slider x 0 0
Map c? xx Program Change x 0 0

----------------------------- .remotemap:
Scope Propellerheads Reason Document
// Control Surface Item Key Remotable Item Scale Mode
Map Data Slider Target Track
Map Program Change Select Patch for Target Device

Many generic MIDI keyboards have a Data Slider (value 0..127) and/or at least some sort of way to send Program Change (also generating 0..127 values).

Program Change would be perfect for Track, Patch or Keyboard Shortcut Variation selection.

(BTW, Reason should give some sort of visual feedback of the current Keyboard Shortcut Variation in use for each device!)

Also, there's a thread "Select Specific Track via Button On Control Surface" that would benefit from this, because a non-Delta version of these parameters would make this direct value an option (one would have to force specific values for each button. Very easy to in the .midicodec file).

Since I mentioned this other thread, I'll also plug another Remote related suggestion I had: Remote Override mapping per Track besides the currently available per Song file option.

With this, one could control various different mixer and fx's parameters depending on the track selected.

...also, a way to generate .midicodec+.remotemap files from within Reason, maybe with the same look'n'feel of the user interface used for the current Remote Override mapping, would be nice
Remote Override mapping per Track

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