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Reason File Player again

Hi there!

I saw an old post about a reason player, but with a different motivation. I didn't want to dig up an old thread to go offtopic, so here is a new one:

I wish for a reason player, but not for the sake of spreading reason songs amongst people, which actually wouldn't be possible anyway, since you need the sound banks to play the files. So no cool free player like winamp for reason songs.

Instead I wish for a player, that comes bundled with the reason software, a small standalone application, which allows the user to organize his songs, keep track of song versions, and allows to search for specific songs.

It would start with an empty filebrowser. The user now could add folders from his harddisk to be watched and browsable from the player.

I for instance have so many files from along several years, good songs, bad songs, whole songs and small snippets.

So I would add several folders from several places on my harddisks, and they would be included in the player, and refreshed/reanalyzed when i press a refresh button.

The main goal would be, that you can play the songs as fast as possible, and to not have to open additional reason windows and close old ones, when looking for a specific song.

It would be great also, if one could add comments and rate the files, information that could be stored in an xml file, or maybe it could be simply stored in the existing information metadata of the rns file format.

Also us analystic freaks could get an overview of all watched songs, or statistic details about a specific song. How long is all my work altogether, how many notes have I in this song, how many devices does this song use, etc.

So, next time when a friend comes by to check what new songs I have made, instead of falling over all kinds of embarassing beats and not finding the track I want to show him, I could easily start the player, find the song, and play it for him. Yay!

What do you think, community?

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