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Old 2008-05-11, 23:56
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Oxygen8 USB midi device - does sound card quality matter?

I have an older model Oxygen 8 midi keyboard which has worked great for years with Reason versions 2-4, and on Windows 2000 and XP. Now I have "upgraded" to a new laptop with Windows Vista (32-bit), and it would appear that the Oxy8 is completely useless.

I have tried absolutely everything for the last week. Latest drivers from M-Audio, various selections in Reason's control surfaces, resetting, uninstalling/reinstalling, changing USB ports, ugh. Windows has no problem installing the device, saying that it is "ready to use" and it shows up with no conflicts. Yet, Reason 4.0.1 refuses to recognize any MIDI signals from it. The Oxy8 works flawlessly on another Reason computer with Windows XP.

What's funny is, if I uninstall the Oxy8 and its drivers, the next time I start Reason it tells me that a previously available MIDI interface is no longer available, even though it never seemed to recognize it in the first place!

My new laptop has an integrated Conexant sound card - is it possible that could be causing the problem? Maybe it can't handle MIDI? I didn't think the sound card would matter unless it is in control of MIDI signals - I'm not sure.

I'd be glad to upgrade my MIDI controller, but I'm concerned this is a Vista or Reason problem, and my money would be wasted.

Thoughts would be much appreciated!

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