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Compuer too slow - NO IT ISN'T!!!!

Hello, I know this problem has been raised a number of times on various forums but I can't find any sensible answers and i wonder if anyone here can help. I am running Reason 4.0 on vista ultimate and am recieving the 'computer too slow' error when trying to play a track. The track isn't particularly demanding and the system i am using is a new (clean), dualcore 2.3 ghz HP laptop, with FOUR GIGS OF RAM. I simply refuse to believe that my computer is 'too slow' as I have a pc of considerably lower spec that is able to play the very same track while simultaneously playing 3 other (very demanding) tracks, AND rendering a huge video project on adobe after effects (notoriously high demanding).

differences between the two computers:

Does work :- XP, ancient soundblaster platinum soundcard (i'm talking turn of the century old here), mid-range graphics card (about 3 years ago)
Doesn't work :- Vista, brand new alesis multimix usb 2.0 soundcard/mixer, new, but pretty low-end graphics card (by current standards)

Just to reiterate, the laptop which doesn't play the track succesfully has FOUR GIGS of RAM, the system that breezes through it has just 2, and a lower processor.

Is Vista the problem?
Or the crap graphics card??

Someone must have an idea....



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