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Recycle - Invisible Open/Save window

I have an odd problem in Recycle. I can't open or save files. I've narrowed it down to: it's not displaying open/close/save windows. So, when it launches, there is a (now invisible) window asking me to choose a file to load. Since I can't see or interact with these windows, I can't proceed with any functionality. I've pressed ESC, which allows me to get out of the invisible window and I can then go to File and open a recent document. But when I try to save it, the invisible window ("Save as...") comes up (invisibly, of course) and Recycle is stuck again.

I'm using Recycle 2.1.2 on Windows XP. This is a new problem that just started... I've been using 2.1.2 and there have been no changes to my OS (that I've made, or that I'm aware of). I've uninstalled and resinstalled three times and the problem has not been solved.

I don't know what caused the problem, but I think I know what has caused it to persist, even after reinstalling. Recycle does not remove its own Registry entries upon uninstall, and the problem will not go away until the registry is changed. I'm not very comfortable editing the Registry without knowing what to remove/change.

I found an entry "Default Open" (or something like that) in the Registry. It was pointing to an existing directory - the last directory I used when ReCycle was functioning properly. I did change that directory shown to blank. Rebooted my computer, started ReCycle and the problem is still there. I didn't uninstall/reinstall ReCycle at this point, I just thought of that during this post. But assuming it doesn't work, I need help.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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