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Monitor help please...

I was wondering if any of you had any advice on monitors which i'm about to purchase. Firstly, at the moment my JBL speakers are placed just above my head on a diagonal slant downwards. Would my new ones be better placed in a straight position at head height? They're attached by brackets to the wall an' this is (i fear unfortunately) the only place they can be due to space restrictions.
Also i have an Edirol ua4fx usb soundcard connected to a Nad amp. If my monitors have there own amp how do i connect them up? At the back of my soundcard there are connections for red and white connections but from what i've seen on pictures monitors require those thick black connections. Where do they go?! Will i have to buy a proper amp? What is a proper amp??? I'm looking at getting the Yamaha msp7's on finance an' could really do without spending much more to be honest!
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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